Phelan Van Deren

Broker - Oregon

Phelan, a native of the Southwest, grew up in Albuquerque before moving to Portland with his family at the age of ten. He fell in love with the city and everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer, and currently resides in the Lents neighborhood with his wife Courtney and their cat, Teddy. Phelan has been a home appraisal assistant since early 2019 and brings a unique perspective to real estate as a result. With thousands of home visits and experience working with hundreds of agents under his belt, he has a deep understanding of the home valuation process used by appraisers. Passionate about his work and providing excellent experiences for his clients, Phelan is also an avid outdoors enthusiast who enjoys camping, backpacking, climbing, cycling, skiing, and more. In his free time, he can be found trying the many great food and coffee options Portland has to offer or catching the latest movie.

They call me: I’ve never been given a nickname that stuck, you’re welcome to try if

you’re up for the challenge.

I am: A husband, Jesus follower, outdoor enthusiast, sports fanatic, coffee snob, and

obsessed with quality in all forms and facets.

What area(s) do you work in?: Portland metro area with an emphasis on the east side

Most Memorable Challenge: I can’t think of anything at the moment.

Perfect Day: A day spent camping in the mountains with friends and family is pretty

tough to beat. Wake up with the sun, swim in a lake, go on a hike, finish the day with

food and drinks enjoyed around a campfire.

First Job: Summer camp counselor.

Preferred Super Power: Ability to control time. Way too overpowered, the possibilities

are endless.

Inspiration: Besides my wife and family, I believe that everyone has something unique

and important to offer, and I draw inspiration from thousands of different people all over

the world. The human spirit is really incredible and it’s impossible to just choose a few.

Charity or communities you participate in: I have volunteered with the middle school

youth program at the church my wife and I attend every week since I was in high school.

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