IDENTIFICATION – A copy of the applicant’s driver’s license, other state/federal issued ID, and/or a social security card or equivalent example of residency is to be uploaded and will become part of the completed application.

INCOME – Applicant, or combined applicants, must gross at least 2 times the monthly rent. At least one applicant must have 1 year of verifiable income within driving distance of the home or proof that the applicant has been given permission to telecommute. Applicants that are applying from other parts of the state or out of state will need to submit proof of future employment within driving distance of the home in order to have their income verified.

RENTAL HISTORY – Each applicant must have a verifiable current address, as well as one additional previous address, and must have a satisfactory rental reference from their current and previous landlords for the past 2 years.



We may obtain a credit report. We may conduct a search of public records, including but not limited to judgments, liens, evictions, criminal, and collection accounts. We may contact your previous rental references. We may contact your employee to verify your income and your personal references as provided in your application. If Applicant does not meet all criteria, then we may deny the application, require a co-signer and/or require a larger security deposit.


An application may be denied for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Any general judgment of restitution (eviction) less than 3 years old. A pending eviction action that has not resulted in a general judgment of dismissal or judgment in favor of the applicant at the time the application is submitted.
  • Applicant has an undisclosed or un-permitted pet.
  • Unpaid utility bills or collection accounts less than $1000.
  • A judgment or outstanding collection from a landlord.
  • Inability to verify information as provided by the applicant.
  • Poor rental history.
  • Insufficient income or employment history.
  • Inaccurate or false information from the applicant.
  • Unsatisfactory credit report, with any accounts past due.
  • Unsatisfactory credit report, with a credit score below 500.
  • Unsatisfactory credit report, with no history of credit.
  • An incomplete application.



Upon receipt of the Rental Application screening fee, Owner/Agent will conduct a search of public records to determine whether applicant or any proposed resident or occupant has a “Conviction” (which means charges pending as of the date of the application; a conviction; a guilty plea; or no contest plea), for any of the following crimes as provided in S 90.303(3): drug-related crime for substances still illegal in Oregon;

If applicant, or any proposed occupant, has a Conviction in their past which would disqualify them under these criminal conviction criteria, and desires to submit additional information to Owner/Agent along with the application so Owner/Agent can engage in an individualized assessment(described below) upon receipt of the results of the public records search and prior to a denial, applicant should do so. Otherwise, applicant may request the review process after denial as set forth below, however, see item © under “Criminal Conviction Review Process” below regarding holding the unit. A single Conviction for any of the following, subject to the results of any review process, shall be grounds for denial of the Rental Application.

a.) Felonies involving: murder, manslaughter, arson, rape, kidnapping, child sex crimes, or manufacturing or distribution of a controlled

b.) Felonies not listed above involving: drug-related crime; person crime; sex offense; crime involving financial fraud, including identity theft and forgery; or any other crime if the conduct for which applicant was convicted or is charges is of a nature that would adversely affect property of the landlord or a tenant or the health, safety or right of peaceful enjoyment of the premises of the residents, the landlord or landlord’s agent, where the date of disposition has occurred in the last 7 years.

c.) Misdemeanors involving: drug related crimes, person crimes, sex offenses, domestic violence, violation of a restraining order, stalking, weapons, criminal impersonation, possession of burglary tolls, financial fraud crimes, where the date of disposition has occurred in the last 3 years.

d.) Misdemeanors not listed above involving: Theft, criminal trespass, criminal mischief, property crimes or any other crime if the conduct for which applicant was convicted or is charged is of a nature that would adversely affect property of the landlord or a tenant or the health, safety or right of peaceful enjoyment of the premises of the residents, the landlord or the landlord’s agent, where the date of disposition has occurred in the last 3 years.

e.) Conviction of any crime that requires lifetime registration as a sex offender will result in denial.


Criminal Conviction Review Process:

Owner/Agent will engage in an individualized assessment of the applicant’s, or other proposed occupant’s, Convictions if applicant has satisfied all other criteria (the denial was based solely on one or more Convictions) and:

1.) Applicant has submitted supporting documentation prior to the public records search; or

2.) Applicant is denied based on failure to satisfy these criminal criteria and has submitted a written request along with supporting
documentation. Supporting documentation may include:

i) Letter from parole or probation office;
ii) Letter from caseworker, therapist, counselor, etc.;
iii) Certifications of treatments/rehab programs;
iv) Letter from employer, teacher, etc.
v) Certification of trainings completed;
vi) Proof of employment; and
Owner/Agent will:
(a) Consider relevant individualized evidence of mitigating factors, which may include: the facts or circumstances surrounding the criminal
conduct; the age of the convicted person at the time of the conduct; time since the criminal conduct; time since release from incarceration or
completion of parole; evidence that the individual has maintained a good tenant history before and/or after the conviction or conduct; and
evidence of rehabilitation efforts. Owner/Agent may request additional information and may consider whether there have been multiple
Convictions as part of this process.
(b) Notify applicant of the results of Owner/Agent’s review within a reasonable time after receipt of all required information.
(c) Hold the unit for which the application was received for a reasonable time under all the circumstances to complete the review unless prior to receipt of applicant’s written request (if made after denial) the unit was committed to another applicant.

An additional security deposit of $500.00 – $1000 per approved pet and a $50 monthly pet rent is required depending on the rental home.



SCREENING CHARGE – Owner/Agent is charging an application screening charge of $50.00 per ADULT OCCUPANT. This charge is non-refundable unless the Owner/Agent does not screening the applicant.

RIGHT TO DISPUTEYou have a right to dispute the accuracy of any information provided to the Owner/Agent by a screening service or a credit report agency.




  • Late rental payment charge: $100-300 charge, rate dependent per property but will be specified in the lease paperwork.
  • Alarm, smoke detector, or carbon monoxide alarm tampering fee: $250.00.
  • Dishonored check fee: $35.00 plus any charges the bank imposes on Landlord
  • Early lease termination: 1 ½ times the monthly rent.
  • Late payment fee for utility or service charge that is paid directly to the Landlord: $50.00 per occurrence.
  • Fee for failure to clean up pet, service or companion animal waste, garbage, rubbish, or other waste from outside of the
    dwelling unit: $50.00 per occurrence.
  • Fee for improper use of vehicle within the premises: $50.00 per occurrence.
  • Fee for parking violations: $50.00 per occurrence.

*NOTE: The foregoing non-compliance fees apply to a second violation and will result in an additional $50.00 fee. Third or
subsequent violations will result in a non-compliance fee of $50.00, plus 5% of the rent.*

  • For keeping on the Premises an unauthorized pet capable of causing damage to persons or property, as described in
    ORS 90.405. This non-compliance fee only applies to a second or any subsequent violation.
  • $250.00: For smoking in a clearly designated non-smoking unit or area of the Premises. This non-compliance fee only applies
    to a second or any subsequent violation.

The Landlord requires tenant to obtain and maintain renter’s liability insurance in the amount of $100,000. Landlord may require proof of insurance prior to entering into a written rental agreement. Tenant is not required to obtain renter’s liability insurance if
Tenant’s household income is less than 50% of the median income for the area adjusted for family size and determined by the State
Housing Council or the dwelling unit occupied by Tenant has been subsidized with public funds except housing assistance
payments not tied to the dwelling unit, such as under 42 U.S.C 1437f (e.g. Section 8).

SCREENING FEE: $50.00 *If paid, Applicant acknowledges receiving a copy of Landlord’s applicant screening guidelines, and has
been told the number of units available or that will be available in the near future for rent in the area and of the type sought by the
Applicant and the number of applications accepted and under consideration for those units.*




  • Tenant Screening Service
  • Credit Reporting
  • Public Records Search
  • Rental History Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Personal Reference Verification