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Having immigrated to the U.S., and specifically to Oregon over 20 years ago, I am blessed to call Portland Oregon my home. The beauty of the landscape and kindness of our fellow Oregonians is a daily reminder of how lucky we are to live here. I share the same passion for real estate as I do for my home state. As a residential realtor, my job allows me to help families purchase and sell the home where they'll create many precious future memories. There is so much life to be lived before, during and after a real estate transaction which constantly reminds me to make each and every part of my job all about my clients!

As a Realtor, my number one priority is to make each and every step of a transaction tailored to YOU! My ability to listen to your needs throughout the process of buying or selling provides unique opportunities to ensure your goals are being exceeded in a truly personal way. I am also fluent in Farsi, English, and able to communicate in conversational Spanish, which will allow me to connect with a diverse client base. My team and I bring the highest level of cutting edge technology, expertise, and service to each transaction with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. I am able to provide my clients with all the resources they need to buy and sell their home, as I have an incredible amount of resources available to them through past renovations from my family's home investment business (Contractors, Roofers, Landscapers, Electricians, and many more).

When I am not working, I enjoy cooking Persian food, doing yoga, or exploring neighborhoods with my dog Milo. I love spending time with friends and family at the newest local neighborhood secret hot-spot or family restaurant, usually recommended by my clients and friends.

- Niki
They call me:
I am:
Passionate, driven, and open-minded.
What area(s) do you work?:
All areas!
Most Memorable Challenge:
Teaching my rescue-dog, Milo, to not to be afraid of the world :)
Perfect Day:
Any day can be a perfect day.
Preferred Super Power:
To fly.
comes from my passion for life.


The cool vibe, kind people, healthy delicious food, beautiful nature, and more! There is so much diversity here, Portland has something to offer for everyone!