David began his career in the trades and enjoyed the satisfaction of working with his hands to create, build and repair. In his late 20s, he joined the military. It was through his military experience, that he realized his calling was to interact and help people on a daily basis. As a real estate broker, David works to assist homeowners and investors as they navigate the complexities of selling and purchasing real estate. His favorite part is meeting new people and listening to their goals as they venture into the real estate market.

David was raised in Portland and now lives in Gladstone, with his wife Anne and their two sons. Anne works as a CPA at a large accounting firm. They are an avid outdoor family that enjoys spending their time traveling the lesser known parts of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. When they are not exploring, they spend their time working together restoring their 1948 Willy's Jeep and building their family cabin in Central Oregon.

- David
They call me:
I introduce myself as Dave, but friends call me Tank.
I am:
Father, husband, creative, hard worker, and a lousy comedian.
What area(s) do you work?:
Portland Metro.
Perfect Day:
Waking up early and taking a journey off the beaten path with my family.
Preferred Super Power:
No super powers, I'd be like Batman with cool gadgets and very rich.
Always moving forward, even if it is hard to do, to be a strong role model for my children.
Favorite local neighborhood:
Historic downtown Oregon City